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Download JRE

Vyhodb requires JRE version not lower than 7u64. The latest version, as well as instructions for installing JRE can be found here

Download Vyhodb

The latest version of the vyhodb distribution package can be downloaded from download page. The distribution package is a zip file with directory vyhodb-0.9.0 inside.

Configure path to JRE

After unzipping vyhodb-0.9.0 directory, you need to specify path to JRE:

  • Windows:
    1. Open file bin-cmd\set-env.cmd
    2. Set JRE_HOME variable. For example: SET JRE_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_60\jre
  • Linux:
    1. Open file bin-sh/
    2. Set JRE_HOME variable. For example: JRE_HOME=/home/jdk1.7.0_79/jre

Run and have fun!

Now you can start vyhodb server in so called stand-alone mode. Run one of the following scripts:

  • Windows: vdb-start.cmd
  • Linux:

Picture below shows console output of running vyhodb server:

To stop vyhodb server use Ctrl+C combination or vdb-close-remote script (can be found in bin-cmd or bin-sh directories).

Vyhodb Directory layout

File Description
bin-cmd windows command line utilities
bin-sh linux command line utilities
lib vyhodb system jar files
services Directory for RSI Services jar files
storage Default directory for storage files (data file and log file)
LICENSE vyhodb license agreement vyhodb configuration file
vdb-start.cmd windows start script linux start script
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