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I am Igor Vykhodtsev, creator of vyhodb.

I started working on vyhodb in 2012, because I failed to search system, which could satisfy my needs. I needed simple system which could safe my efforts on developing SaaS application using Java stack. It seemed to be a three layer Smart Client application with Swing client and server logic. Then I started looking for simple technology for server logic with a slope learning curve.

I didn’t want to study or dial with Hibernate, web service/json staff, code generation, etc. I also didn’t want to splitting business logic into Java and SQL code; align different layers (SQL, ORM, Remoting) to each other and configure them.

All I wanted was just to put my business logic in one place, as close to data as possible, and simply invoke it directly from client application. No code generation, no mapping configuring, no libraries/frameworks with over 200 pages of user guide. So I decided to create my own system – vyhodb which could reduce development efforts not only for me but for other projects as well.

However, goals have changed since then, but I’ve been trying to follow ideas of simplicity and perfection in vyhodb as much as I could.

And now I would be very happy if vyhodb helps others in their java application projects.

You can keep in touch with me by facebook or google group.

Thank you, \\Igor Vykhodtsev.

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